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Welcome to our on-line football manager Dreamfoot.

From this moment you are a manager of football club, which you have just created, this section will help you to make the first steps in this virtual world.

Before start of game, please, read the Game rules.
This help information will help you to use the initial resources efficiently and make you ready for successful play of your team.

Well, initially 60 000 000 USD have been added on the account of your football club.
  • First, you need to buy a stadium: Team -> stadium. Its recommended that capacity of your stadium should be 5 thousand places ( it costs 5 mill USD), you choose the names for stadium and team yourself.

  • Next step is very important its a buying of footballers: Team -> footballers -> buy.
    Here you can see the list of footballers, which takes few decades of pages (the page numbers and quick switch to positions are placed under the list of footballers).
    Choose the footballer, whom you like, tick off the checkbox near his name and click on «buy».

    Please, pay your attention to fact, that footballers should be bought on different positions: GK(preferably 2 of them, because the main goalkeeper can get a trauma and its impossible to play without goalkeeper at all), RB, RCB, LCB, LB, LM, LCM, RCM, RM, DM, AM, LFC, RFC, ST.

    The optimal quantity of footballers is 13 (11 - in main staff and 2 - in reserve staff), it will cost you 13x4= 52 mill USD.

    Hence, you have a team with footballers and its necessary to enroll them in staff: Team -> Team selection and choose the main staff opposite the footballers (11 of them).
  • Next step is a buying of football boots. First, you should buy a depot (storage) with capacity=10 pairs Team -> Boots-> Depot-> buy. Afterwards, Team -> Boots -> Buy.
    From the list of football boots (it takes few pages) you have to choose the models, which you like by their characteristic (quantity of matches, which the model can stand and percentage of power, which team will have if it uses this model). Its necessary to choose the model, which will give a 30% increase of footballers power.

    Equip your team at the team profile. You can get there by clicking on team logo.
From this moment, your team has necessary equipment and is ready for game.

Next competitions take place in Dreamfoot:
  • Championship between leagues ( in the beginning of each month, 4-6 days of it)
  • Europe league, Copa Libertadores and Champion's league for teams, which hold the highest places in the leagues
  • Commercial championship (it happens in the 2nd half of each month)
  • Countries cups.
Besides, in the beginning of each month the season of transfers occurs (if the total power of your team is more than 45) and balance occurs twice per month (in the beginning and middle of month). You could read about balance in Rules of game.
The dates of tournaments beginnings are placed on the main page.

First, you have to be registered in league: Game -> Championships -> league and pay the entrance fee 500 000 USD for participation in league. Time period of leagues championships is 2-3 days. During the intervals between competitions you can take part in unofficial matches in/out of home.
For this, you should use next links: Game -> matches (but you must have a confirmation about agreement of other teams to come and play game in-home with you) or out-of-home(away) (you can choose the team from the list and make a request for away game).

  • The power (of flanks, correlation between defence/attack, the average power of staff) and tiredness indicators of teams are very significant parameters that influence on the games score
  • Tiredness is being increased after every match, thats why you should do relax for your team (Team -> relax).
  • Another important parameter of home game is analysis, which points to chances of your team in a game with competitor (for instance, you have chances to get a victory even if the competitor is much more strong but has a high tiredness).
The more teams power is - the more chances to win you have.

The teams power increases in the case of successful tournaments: every your footballer gets/looses 0,01 of experience in the case of victory/loss. You could read about this in Rules of game.

  • It should be mentioned, that if the footballers experience becomes less than 0,5 than he will leave your team himself.
  • And you have to know, that after 1200 matches the experience of your footballer will be changed.
  • After every game you get the income from tickets realization and TV-bonuses.
  • Earned income you can use for buying of footballers or building of stadium.
The bigger stadium is – the more income is.

Besides, the intercourse take significant place in the life of Dreamfoot, thats why you will get ability to discuss any football events, ideas take part in the football federation of your country with other managers from forum (you should be registered in it additionally)
  • You can find answers on all your questions in the forum.
  • You can ask all managers as well, and they will be glad to help you.
We wish you good luck and prosperity.
Nice to meet you on virtual football ground!!
For victory!