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Private league20.9.2011
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Private League

The price for creation of Private League is 250 000 000 $ .

To take part in the Private League you have to meet the next requirements : payment for registration, experience of team, stadium. These parameters are set by creator of Private League.
The min and max payments for registration in Private League are 100 000 $ and 1 000 000 $ accordingly.

Its possible to start a Private League if at least 20 teams are registered. If more than 20 teams are registered at the start time then the closest number, which is a multiple of 4 is chosen.The residual candidates will not participate. For example, we have 29 candidates at the start time, then only first 7*4=28 will participate.

1/8 1/4 1/2 and final will be created from 4 mentioned groups. The winner gets amount, which is equal to double payment for registration. Revenue from broadcasting and tickets is higher than revenue from friendly matches a little bit.

When the Private League is created by you, please, choose the requirements and start time. This start time will be assigned for your Private League as soon as you open the registration for participation.
If you see some highlighted start times (with green frame) in the list of dates choice, then it means that someone has already chosen this start time, but hasnt opened the registration yet.
Thereby, if 2 persons have chosen the same start time then it will be assigned to one of them, who opens the registration earlier.

Private League opens and closes automatically in the indicated time. If the number of registered participants is smaller than needed one - the private league will be cancelled and entrance fee is paid back. The revenue from private league depends on the rate of played matches. Each private league can be started up to 40 times, afterwards it must be recreated again if you wish to use it more.